Monday, September 12, 2011

Too hot to touch

I moved to Kelowna last week. It is really hot, all the time. I'm having serious wardrobe issues. I'm unused to this constant heat. What do stylish folks in warm places wear? Better yet, what do stylish folks who are unused to the heat wear when it's hot? As I think about the best resources to look at to find the answers, the best thing that comes to mind is WhoWhatWear. The site shows a lot of celebrity style, which is naturally located frequently in LA and places like it. Fortunately I found an article on transitional styling. Unfortunately, it's still too hot for most of these looks.
My favourite, and the most sensible for my situation is Zoe Saldana here:
Well, maybe I'll just have to stick it out until it cools down, or suddenly I'll figure it all out.
Please help me.

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  1. Zoe looks chic! Just remember before you know it, it will be freezing again.


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