Saturday, October 9, 2010

How Canadian are You?

I love Canada. I have lived here my whole life and am very grateful for it. However I do think we Canadians could use more outlets to express how we feel about this great land of ours. Fortunately my friend Anna feels the same way. This in combination with our social studies course last year, which focused on the topic of nationalism, inspired Anna to create Project Maple.

Project Maple is a mail art project exploring Canadian identity. Anyone can submit; all you have to do is create something that reflects how you feel about living in Canada.

Of course as soon as Anna told me about Project Maple I had to do something right away. This was her first submission, by yours truly.


  1. Oh Suzanne you're the best!
    (And by the way, that is a very well written and concise sumamry, well done.)

  2. thanks so much for posting on my blog! good luck with the project - sounds very cool!



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