Friday, October 22, 2010

Bone Chiller

On Wednesday while I was supposed to be working at school, I was instead wandering the halls wasting time when I went into our school's theater just as my friend Anna (who I mentioned in my previous post on Project Maple) was taking photos to be used for the poster of our fall production of Bone Chiller. Bone Chiller is a comedic murder mystery which we just started rehearsals for this month. I have the pleasure of playing the role of Eloise Ainsley, an uptight, middle aged woman. Eloise is a riot and I'm so excited to be playing her.
So of course, being that neither Anna or I wanted to get back to school work, we had an impromptu photoshoot in the theater. It was an absolute blast. These are the results of this adventure, all taken by Anna.
This is the door Anna was photographing for the poster.

"Lighting cue go!"
I wish I could be a stage manager, but alas, I would go crazy!
I try my hand at directing! Our Tech teacher was not so impressed with me trying to tell her how to build her set....
Our theater hasn't been updated since the school was built in 1971. It's set to be renovated this year, but selfishly I'm hoping it's delayed because I want a theater for our spring show!!
top - thrifted, jeans - winners, shoes - vans, necklace - birthday gift from mom


  1. I'm sorry I'm such a shit blogging friend.
    I want to go hit up VV soon, you down?
    Also I love these photos of you, suzie.

  2. Hey! These photos are so awesome, i love you hair :) Oh, Thanks for your lovely comment! So please you like my blog. I just did a new post with some photography, you might like it? Panda xo

  3. What a cool prop! Pretty photos too :)


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